Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where is Alpin located?

A. Alpin’s office and repair shop is located in Butler, PA.

Q. Where do I send in a repair?

A. Ship repairs to Alpin Surgical Specialties, 105 Lincoln Ave, Butler, PA 16001.

Q. How does Alpin’s repair costs compare to OEM repair costs?

A. Our customers tell us we are 30% to 50% less than OEMs, have faster turnaround times, and quality is equivalent if not better.

Q. What should I do if I want to send in a product for repairs or if I have questions?

A. Call us at (724) 285-6324. We answer without addressing prompts and make every effort to solve your problem with ease.

Q. If my instrument is determined to be non-repairable from another vendor will you look at it?

A. Yes. Our evaluations are free and, many times, our expert technicians are able to repair equipment that other companies do not have the expertise to do so.

Q. Where does Alpin source replacement parts for repairs?

A. We only use parts that meet or exceed OEM standards, with many parts coming from the same companies in Germany and Japan making the parts for the OEM.

Q. Does Alpin provide free loaner equipment?

A. Yes, we have an inventory of loaners. We can provide free loaners for rigid and flexible endoscopes. Call us anytime for availability.

Q. Where are repairs done?

A. We have mobile service labs that travel to you to repair handheld instruments. Endoscopes and related equipment are repaired in our Butler, PA facility where our expert equipment repair technicians reside.

Q. Do the Alpin onsite repair experts service hospitals, surgery centers, or government surgery locations?

A. Yes, yes, and yes. Alpin works will all types of entities that perform surgery, whether they are public or private.

Q. Who is my point of contact?

A. We have field salespeople or you can call into our office and likely be talking to one of our customer service personnel within one or two rings. We try to make it easy to do business with us.

Q. How long has Alpin been in business?

A. We have been in business since 1983.

Turnaround Time

Q. How long does it take Alpin to repair an endoscope?

A. Typically, minor repairs are completed in 1-2 days after receiving the customer’s approval. Major repairs can take a few days longer.

Q. How long does Alpin take to repair surgical instruments?

A. Most instrument repairs are completed onsite the same day. We do have customers that mail their instruments to us and we mail them back, completed, within 24 hours.

Q. Can I expedite an order?

A. Just give us a call

Order Tracking

Q. How can I track an order?

A. For orders that are in our facility, feel free to call us and we will update you on progress of the order and the delivery date. We will proactively send you emails updating you on the status. We pride ourselves in our customer service.

Q. Can you provide detailed instrument tracking?

A. We have a comprehensive system that provides customers with various options for tracking. Reports on repair history can be provided as needed. We are flexible and can meet your needs.


Q. Does your company have flexible loaner equipment?

A. We have a selection of scopes to loan, along with a variety of other equipment.

Q. What do you charge your customers for loaner equipment?

A. We do not charge customers for loaner equipment.

Endoscope Repair

Q. Can you provide repair history on individual endoscopes?

A. We have a comprehensive system that allows customers to obtain a detailed repair report on each piece of equipment by serial number. Reports can be provided on demand or at any interval you choose.

Q. Do you track components that go into each repair?

A. Alpin tracks the part and lot number of all components that go into every repair. This traceability by lot number is available for current and past repairs.

Q. What is your warranty coverage?

A. Alpin provides a 120-day warranty on all endoscope repairs

Q. Can you repair all types of scopes?

A. Alpin is experienced in repairing all endoscope brands.

Q. How do I get you my scope that needs repaired?

A. Alpin has salespeople throughout the mid-Atlantic that can pick up your scope. Many of our customers choose to mail the scope to us.

Q. How do your prices compare with competitors?

A. Alpin is typically 30% to 50% lower than OEMS and 10% to 20% lower than the large repair companies. We are also told our turnaround times are significantly better than the OEMs.

Q. How does your quality compare with competitors?

A. Alpin’s technicians average over 20 years of experience. We are far from a churn and burn company. We have near zero turnover. Our warranty expense is negligible because we rarely have any returns. We have some of the highest skilled and careful technicians in the industry.

Surgical Instrument Repair

Q. Can Alpin service all instruments onsite?

A. We find we can repair over 95% of all manufacturers’ instruments onsite and the ones we cannot repair can be repaired in our shop and returned to you within a day or two.

Q. How long does it take for Alpin to complete repairs?

A. The vast majority of repairs are done the same day, onsite, without the instruments leaving your property.

Q. Do you track the repair of instruments?

A. We do have a custom-designed system that tracks instrument repairs. We would be happy to demonstrate it for you.

Q. Do you provide loaners for instruments?

A. Boss, our instrument manufacturer, has over 20,000 different instruments and other brands have tens of thousands of different instruments. There are too many variations to have a fleet of loaners. We focus on rapid (and onsite) repairs so our customers do not have any down time.

Other Equipment

Q. What other types of equipment do you repair?

A. We repair all types of power equipment, Phaco hand pieces, air hoses, power cords, video equipment and other ancillary equipment used by operating rooms and surgery centers.

Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. Turnaround time varies with the type of equipment and the extent of the repair. Feel free to call us anytime to inquire about what you need repaired.

Q. How does your repair warranty compare to that of the original manufacturer?

A. We meet or exceed standard industry warranties

Q. What is your warranty repair percentage?

A. Our warranty rate is less than 1% of repairs, much lower than the industry average.

Q. Do you provide service reports?

A. We maintain detailed service reports on all equipment we repair and reports are available to you at any interval you require.