Steri Cube

Multiple Tray Sterilization


The SteriCUBE™ Multiple Tray Sterilization System

The Future of Sterilization, Here Today.

The SteriCUBE™ System is a patented, 100% green, multi-tray sterilization system that eliminates the need for “blue wraps” and resultant bio-hazardous waste. After processing, the SteriCUBE™ System can be rolled directly to the OR with “surgery-ready” instruments without delay or stored up to 30 days without contamination. This progressive multi-tray delivery solution results in “3 new dimensions” of sterilization: increased Patient Safety, improved Productivity, and Cost Savings. Simply put, these are our Steri3 Advantages.

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As the exclusive dealer of the SteriCUBE in Ohio, Western PA, West Virginia and Western New York , we are excited to have the opportunity to help hospitals and surgical centers increase efficiency in the CSP and OR instrument processing loop. These innovative devices can save Operating Rooms significant time, reduce packaging materials, and reduce CSP staff preparation time.

Sterility is obviously critical in the operating room. The Cube’s unique design makes it nearly impossible for sterility to be compromised. This gets the attention of Infection Control. Savings can be in the $Million for hospitals with high volumes of orthopedic procedures. Give us a call to demonstrate the savings for your facility.

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